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Super Star Service #1 - $55

  • Adjust hubs front/rear, adjust bb & headset
  • Adjust brakes & gears
  • Wheel true – both wheels off bike
  • Check over – torque bolts
  • Clean bike – lube chain
  • Hanger alignment

Rock Star Service #2     $75*

  • Adjust hubs/bb/headset
  • Adjust brakes & gears
  • Wheel true – both wheels off bike
  • Degrease drive train (parts washer)
  • Installation of minor parts (cable/housing)
  • Hanger Alignment

*With an excess of parts to be installed, additional labour charges may apply

Overhaul Service #3      $170

  • Everything in the major tune with overhauls of all bearing areas
  • No additional labour charges for installation of any amount of parts
  • Additional labour charges for pivot services/overhaul

Piece Work

Gear adjust                   $15.00 each derailleur
Includes hanger alignment and installation of cable or housing

Brake adjust                  $15.00 each brake
Includes installation of cable and housing

Bearing overhaul            $20.00 each
Includes bearings (loose only) and grease

Fork Install                    $30 - $40
Brake swap over, steer tube cut, star nut setting

Bike Fit - $125

Advanced Bike Fit (road) - $250

Road Race  XC and Commuter, Guarantee Fit  

  • Cleat positioning
  • Saddle height
  • Saddle fore & aft setting
  • Stem adjust & fit
  • Approximately 1 hr to 1.5 hrs on the wind trainer. 2.5 to 3 hours for Advance Road

Above & beyond the listed, additional hourly labour charges may apply

Computer install  $30
Computer install wireless  $20
Bar tape     $15
Bar install  $10-$15 (cut included)
Wheel true   $15 per wheel
Wheel repair   $20 plus spokes
Fork service    $60 (parts & oil extra)
Belray/Motul oil $.04/cc
Fork overhaul  $100 (parts & oil extra)
Fox oil $.07/cc
Wheel build    $40 (plus spokes)

Minimum shop charge is $10

Ski Service

Wax                                     $15                                  
Edge and Wax                       $30                    
Base Fill                               $30
Base Fill, Edge and Wax         $50
Hot box race tune                 $25                          
Base Patch                            $60+                
Binding Mount                      $35  
Edge repair                          $80+
Edge Replacement                $99+                 

Ski Boot Work

Boot fit
Custom foot beds
Cuff alignment
Custom foam liners pro fit
Boot repair




  Sprockids is a Youth MTB skil improvement program that starts around age six on at least a 20" MTB with gears.  Sprockids



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